Our 3 days in Malacca, Malaysia.

Malacca, or Melaka, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in July 2008, is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula.

We spent 3 nights there at the end of February, since we were told not only how pretty it is and how much history it tells once you get there, but also because it's supposed to be home to one of the best cuisines in Malaysia. Our personal opinion is that Malacca actually has THE BEST food in Malaysia (I'm Sorry Penang!)

How to get there from KL:

Best way is to take a bus from TBS terminal. We arrived there and bought a ticket for only MYR10 each(2.5usd)

It took us just a bit more than 2 hours to get there. Once you arrive to the Terminal you will need to take a bus or taxi(Uber for us) to go to the center if that's where you're staying.

Where to stay:

We booked a guesthouse called The Riverside Cardamom and it was actually quite nice. Very clean and great location. Air con and fan in the rooms. We paid MYR65 (16.60usd) a night for a private room with shared bathroom. The hostel is so quiet you feel like home. It is very small, no more than 5 rooms, most of them private ones. We almost saw no one during our stay, which wasn't that bad for us since we were just looking to relax, but if you wanna party then maybe this is not the best option.

What to do:

Walk around and there will be plenty to see. Some places you can't miss are:

- The Melaka River, of course. Walking by the side of it you'll find plenty of places to eat and have a drink. The view is quite pretty specially at night. We didn't do it, but if you wanna take a tour around the city from the water, there's a cruise for around 45 minutes.

- Visit Masjid Selat, the floating mosque built on Pulau Melaka. It's not the most impressive mosque I've seen but it is worth a visit if you have the time. You need to cover yourself properly, but don't worry because they have clothing for you if you don't bring your own. Be prepared though, as you can see on the pictures, you're gonna be hot!

- St. Paul’s Church, a historic church built in 1521 and situated at the top of St. Paul’s Hill. It takes about 50 steps to get there, and the view isn't nothing special, but it is full of history so you should give it a visit.

- Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, built in 1646. This old Chinese Temple is considered to be one of the oldest Buddhist places of worship in Malaysia.

- Christ Church Malacca, built by the Dutch when they took possession of the country.

- A’Famosa Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1511 after they defeated the Malacca Sultanate.

- Jonker Street is quite a big night market. We were there for Chinese New Year so it looked really nice decorated and had very cool shows.

There are many shops to buy from.The best thing to do here though is to eat in the many stalls there are.

What and Where to eat:

Wow, we were in Malaysia for a month and we fell in love with its food since day one. And even though we had amazing food every day in KL, and we ate even more amazing food in our 6 days in Penang(which is said to be the culinary capital of Malaysia) we have to say Melaka food is something else. We had the best food ever.

So here our recommendations:

- Pak Putra Restaurant: We had the best Tandoori Chicken ever with Cheese Naan and a big bottle of water for only MYR17.8 (4.50usd) It was just delicious, you need to try their Tandoori if you go there!

- Straits Affair: Gato had a Nyonya Laksa (classic coconut milk spicy soup, with fish balls and prawns) He liked it a lot but it felt short after trying my amazing Le Pongteh Baguette (Tender chicken broth with bread and onion) wow, one of the best meals I've had so far! We also had a Pang Su sie, some kind of small empanada, and their dessert specialty: Apom Berkuah (pancakes made with rice flour, vainilla ice cream and a side of gula malaka with banana) it's just crazy how good they are. This dessert used to be a tradition in Melaka, but now they are the only ones to make it. We paid MYR41.70 (10.60usd) which is actually "expensive" compared to what we generally spend, but oh so worth it, definitely a must go in Malacca!!!

*To keep in mind: They are supposed to move to Kuala Lumpur because of how good they're doing, so check before going!

- Night Market at Jonker Street: We tried many different small bites. Very very cheap, and lots of options.

- Chin Huan Vegetarian: It's a vegetarian buffet, nothing really special, but very cheap. We had a lot of food for only MYR11(2.80usd, yes!)

In our opinion, you could spend there at least one or two more days. There are many other things to do. Next time I would rent a motorbike to move around, seems like a great place to do so.

We loved Malacca and would definitely go back! Have you been there? Are you planning to?

Leave a comment if you do!

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