What to Pack for Your Big Trip?

Traveling is fun, we may all agree on this, but before starting a trip, and specially a long one like this, there are many things to take care of, and one of those is packing!

We would all love to take all of our stuff with us, but when your bag becomes your home, there's not much space (and weight) to count on.

So the question is: What do I pack?

Even though I've been traveling forever, I still struggle at the time of packing. And this time it was a bit more difficult, since we are going to different continents, weathers, seasons...

So? Well... In our case, we opted to start our trip in Europe because of this. We knew we wanted to be there in autumn/winter, so we thought it would be a good idea to start there since we were gonna need way more luggage. And then, when leaving Europe, we could leave it all behind.

This was a great idea! The 3 months and a half we spent in Europe, it was almost impossible for us to move without suffering! I was carrying arroun 15 kg and him 20. Plus, my camera gear is around 10 kg and him with his computer and stuff, around 8!

Many people will say they can do winter with half of it, and it's true, and I admire you for that! But even though we now realized we shouldn't have taken a few things we did, we couldn't have manage to carry way less.

So here is a list of everything we took with us for our 3 months and a half around Europe during autumn and winter (September 2017 to January 2018)

I will also point, from our experience, what was worth taking with us and what we shouldn't have brought.

And what about summer? Thanks God, my mom came to visit us on our last weeks in Europe, so we sent home MANY THINGS, and some others, we just left them behind on the last hostel we stayed in.

Here we go!

  • 1 tent: We used it only once, and we almost literally died! It was freezing in Iceland and we had already given back our campervan. It was a horrible night! I would never try to camp again during this time of the year in Scandinavia, unless, of course, you go professionally prepared, but again, this would mean MORE luggage, and as you already know, we couldn't handle it. So worth it? Not in our case, it only meant almost 4 months carrying 3 extra kilos just for nothing.

  • 2 hammocks and its straps: Before starting the trip around the world, I spent 4 months working in Alaska, making money for my travels. Every day after work, we would go hiking and hammocking. Even though I've always loved hammocks since I was a kid, I never thought I would get to love it this much as an adult, and also didn't know what great hammocks they make now a days for travelers! First thing I bought for my trip was 1 individual hammock for me, and a double sized for my boyfriend. I could picture ourselves hammocking every night during our road-trip in Iceland. Well, it never happened.. Little did I know Iceland has like no trees at all! And then, by the time we got to places where trees were everywhere, it was freezing to dead so using them wasn't the best idea ever. STILL! Even though it was a huge failure during our trip through Europe in winter, I don't regret buying them, and still carry them, cause I know I will thank myself when I start traveling around the islands in Asia! We bought this Double Hammock with this Straps and this Single Hammock with this Straps

  • 2 Sleeping bags: We used them every night, even if we had a bed and blankets, it was so cold, this was the best way to stay warm, while camping, and also at the hostels. The ones we bought were great for winter, but they are a bit big and heavy for summer. Still, we are carrying them just in case.

Our Cookware Kit

  • 2 table-sets: We used them sometimes, but truth is we didn't really need them, since while camping with the camper van , everything was included. And then, we stayed at hostels, or Couchsurfing, and didn't need to have our own things.

  • 1 Camping Cookware Kit: Same as the table-sets, we used it just once. It is a good choice if you plan to wildcamp, but since we had everything we needed on the camper van , there was no reason for us to carry it.

  • 2 sets of Knife-Fork-Spoon all in one: We've used them quite a lot. They're very small and weight nothing, so we don't even realize we carry them. We bougth These Ones

  • 1 Victorinoz Swiss Army Pocket Knife: I think you should always travel with one of this. They weight nothing, use no space, and have saved us many times! Ours Is Great

  • 2 Ultralight Inflating Travel Pillow: The idea is great, we used them a lot and would have used them even more if the ones we bought weren't this bad! Really uncomfortable. So I would recommend you to take one, but don't buy This One

  • 2 Headlamp Flashlight: Again, back in Alaska, they were REALLY USEFUL! So thought to buy 2 for this trip. Yes, we used them, but not as much. Just one would've been enough.

  • 1 First Aid Kit: It is very useful, you should always carry something like this. The one we got is just ok. It has too much of the same, and I would add some other things. Check it out Here

  • 1 Travel Charger Adapter: Haven't used it as much, but I think it's a must, you never know when you'll need it! We got This One

  • 2 travel adapters: Couldn't live without them! Only way to charge my phone, my camera, and use my computer. If I had to buy a new one I think I may try with another one, but This One still works.

  • 2 retractable cable lock: We use them all the time. Great purchase. These are ours.

Our Thermalock Water Bottle
  • 2 master locks with combination: Use it every single day for my camera bag or lockers at the hostels. These are perfect.

  • 2 THERMALOCK Matterhorn Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 20oz: These are great! We have used them SO much, and even though we haven't treated them the best way we could, always flying from one place to another, they're still alive! I wouldn't travel with any other bottle rather than this. They keep cold for more than a day and heat for almost a day! And they won't break WITH NOTHING! Get These

  • 2 48oz Silo Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle: These are the best when hiking, since they are way bigger than the others. Quality isn't the same, but when traveling in Europe, where you can drink water from the tab everywhere, These were a great choice!

Outdoor Picnic Blanket
  • 1 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Best thing for hiking. Haven't used it as much as I did in Alaska(bears need to be scared away somehow!) but don't regret buying it. I think I'm gonna use it more in this part of our trip. Ours is This

  • 2 packs of Key-chain Clips: We use them all the time, to hang our bottles, bags, etc. Very very useful! Here the ones we bought.

  • 1 Outdoor Picnic Blanket: We didn't use it in Europe, but I bought it specially for the beach, and we're using it a lot!! I love Ours

  • 3 Quick Drying Travel Towel: They're the best! They really dry fast. We bought 2 and I already had one, so decided to bring it anyway. Thought one could be used for the beach, the other for taking a shower. We bought These in different sizes.

  • 2 hanging toiletries bag: Very useful!

  • 1 Hanging Luggage Scale: It saved us many times before taking a plane or a bus with limited luggage. They don't weight much so I think it's good to have one. We got These One

  • 2 Packable Lightweight Travel Backpack: Best thing ever! We have used them so much! They pack really small and light, but when you open them, they can carry A LOT! Wouldn't travel without These

My BPA-Free Water Bottle and the Lightweight Travel Backpack

  • 2 Collapsible Lamps. We used them, but not much. We should've brought just one. Here is ours.

  • 2 Sleep Masks.

  • 2 Travel Money Belt: We really use these fanny packs! They're great for moving around. We bought These

  • 1 rope for hanging clothes: Very useful when camping.

My Hiking Boots
  • 1 Hiking Pants each.

  • 1 hiking boots each: We used them every single day. I bought the WOMEN'S HEDGEHOG FASTPACK MID GORE-TEX® from NorthFace. He bought the same for men.

  • Another pair of lighter shoes each.

  • 1 Triclimate Jacket Each. Also used it every single day. Mine is the Kalispell Triclimate Jacket from NorthFace. He bought the same for men.

  • 2 pairs of gloves each: 1 for hiking and 1 for daily use, with touchscreen for the phone.

  • 3 pairs of Smartwool Socks each.

  • 3 winter layers sets each: Couldn't have survived without them!

  • 2 winter huts each.

  • 1 pair of jeans each.

  • Underwear.

  • 2 sweaters each.

  • Swimming suit.

There must be a few other things, but this would be about it.

Of course I also carry many creams, nail polish, etc :) (Can't handle it)

And there's also our own personal small backpack. With a computer each, phone, 1 Gopro, my professional camera gear(1 camera, 4 lenses) a tripod, books, 1 tablet, etc!! But I'll write about it on another post some other time!

What do you think? What would you leave home from the above, and what would you add?

Hope we could help you a bit to figure out what to bring to your next trip, and what to not!! :)

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