Welcome To My World!!

Or to our world, seen through my eyes, and lived by my experiences!

Hi There! I'm gonna tell you a little bit about me and this new adventure: my personal travel blog!

I have traveled all my life, and have written a lot about it and taken so many photos, made so many itineraries. I always wanted to have a blog but never found the time or the means to make it happen. When I left home April 2017 with a no return ticket, I knew this was the time to start. Well, as you can see, it took me a while, but here we are!

This is going to be a personal blog, and I'm gonna talk about places I've been to and what I personally thought of it, all based on my opinion and my experiences during my time there. I don't intend to sell it to you, or make you love or hate any of these places. I just wanna show you how it was for me and hopefully help you dream, and plan, your next trip.

I have read so many blogs during my life, and I still don't know how to make this work, I'm learning on the way. It took me a lot of time and effort to design it, put it all together, even more considering I'm making it in both English and Spanish, so double work! It may look simple, but at least for someone like me that has no idea on how to build a blog, it's really hard and frustrating at times. Though, I have to say, I'm having a lot of fun too. It's cool to learn something new and push you through. I'm not trying to pay my expenses with it, I just wanna share with my people and every traveler out there interested on it, all about my travels. I'm currently traveling around the world and there is so much I can show you and tell you about.

There are many ways of traveling, none the right one, but each of us have a preference. My way may be perfect for some of you, and not the best one for others. But I hope somehow I can help you all out!

Personally, when I travel, I don't like taking tours unless it's the free walking tours around a city to get to learn a bit more about its history. I generally enjoy more just to get lost in the place. I like to backpack, looking for hidden gems, trying to be the local and not the tourist.

When you leave home for a specific time, with hotels and transportation booked and a plan already made, it's easy to know what you're gonna do and specially, at least approximately, how much you're gonna spend. But when you leave for an indeterminate time, with no plans or fix itinerary, or with no reservations already made, it becomes a bit more complicated to know where to start.

So here I wanna share info that will hopefully help you all, but specially those who are looking to travel on a budget and sometimes find it hard to know from where to go. How much do you really spend? Where to stay? How to move around?

When we started planning this trip for real, not just dreaming about it, we were like "OK, but how much do we need?"

It's really hard to come out with an answer, and even though there are a million blogs out there, not many share much information about it. And even though I new people doing this kind of traveling, none could really be accurate about it either.

So my idea is, besides showing you amazing places and stories, to give you a detailed feedback of how much we spent everywhere we've been to, so it can be a bit easier than it was for us maybe, to start earning for it.

You should take into an account we mostly stay in hostels, and even though sometimes we need our private space and book a room, it generally is shared dorms. Not only because it's cheaper, but it's a way of meeting people, and believe me, as a couple sharing 24/7 for such a long time, that's something we need. We also use Couchsurfing depending on where we are, and a few times Airbnb.

We travel mostly by land, and again, not only because it's cheaper, but specially me, I love to cross countries by land, see places you wouldn't see any other way. You can also live the culture by looking through a window.

With food it depends. In Europe we cooked A LOT! In Asia it's impossible since hostels in general don't have a kitchen, and it's so cheap to eat out it wouldn't make much sense anyway. We never go to expensive restaurants, not even mid-range, but food is one of the things we enjoy the most so it's not there where we save the most either. We eat on the street generally, but would always pay a few extra dollars if it's gonna be better.

So what I mean with all of this is that you could spend much more than we do doing the same trip, that's for sure, but good news are, you could also spend less!

Another personal thought when traveling, is that to me being on a country just for a few days or seeing only one place of it, isn't really enough for me to earn the right to say "I know this place", but just "I've been there" Which isn't a bad thing, there are many places I've only been to and didn't really get to know them, but generally, I'm gonna prefer not to go to a place if it's only gonna mean see it on a rush, take a picture, say I made it, and then leave.

So many times you will find my itineraries kind of weird, or think I spent too much time in one place but didn't go to some others on the same country that for many may be a must. This is just the way I do it, what works for me, and the only way I found to really emerge in the culture, the people, their food, their daily things.

And now last, but not least: We get asked A LOT how do we do it, specially by other travelers. Do we work while traveling? How can we afford it? Are we sponsored by someone? The answer is we are just a normal couple, that earned FOR A LONG TIME to be here now. We quit our jobs, sold our stuffs, and left our home for good. We have no sponsors, no people back home sending money or a company of our own giving us a monthly income. We have what there is on our bank account and our backpacks and that's it. So what I'm trying to say, is that this is totally doable. If we could, you can do it too. Of course while earning back home we had to cut out many things we were used to, not travel as much as we would've wanted during that period, get rid of things we never thought we would, and just leave everything behind. But it was so worth it! To me it wasn't difficult at all, cause I've done it many times. It was a big harder for Gato maybe, and even though I've said it many times to him, I'd like to thank him again in here, for saying yes and following me in this dream of mine that is ours now!

So, how do we do it while traveling now? We actually make a great team, and even though I'm the one writing here, this wouldn't be possible without G. As you can see I love planning and reading and finding new things, so I'm in charge of the trip itself, where to go next, what to do, where to stay. And he is good at the one thing I could never do while traveling solo before: numbers, details. So he is charge of writing down how we spent our money, how much, on what. So if what you actually like the most from here is the budget feedback, thank him, not me!

Well, this was a long one, so thank you to whoever made it up to here, but I wanted to make an introduction to what this is all gonna be about. Thank you for following me, and hopefully this will be of great help, or entertainment, for you. Be patient though, remember this is just starting and I'm learning how to do it LOL.

Thanks once again, and welcome to my world!

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